Extended Warranty
Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

All brand UPS marketed by ADELMO already ship with the best warranty in the business at 2 years, including non-prorated battery coverage on most products. We also offer a two different 4 year extended warranty options to increase the level of service even further.

Standard Extended Warranty Benefits

  • Extends the standard warranty for two additional years (4-years total)
  • Includes replacement of defective batteries for the entire warranty term at no additional charge (not pro-rated)
  • Provides total warranty coverage on UPS for most business lease terms and/or depreciation terms
  • If returned, Adelmo will properly recycle the old batteries.

Premier Extended Warranty Benefits

  • Includes all the benefits listed in the Standard Extended Warranty, plus…
  • Adelmo will cover all freight charges to repair/replace defective UPS products.
  • Adelmo will include packaging and return shipping of old batteries so that they can be properly recycled.
  • Even if batteries are operating nominally throughout the warranty period, Adelmo will contact the customer after four-years to offer guaranteed battery replacement.
  • Ensures that there are absolutely no additional costs to the end-user for maintaining the UPS for five years.
  • All warranty claims will be given priority status upon arrival

Sample Prices of Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties Overview

Extended Warranty Regulations:

  • Extended warranties must be purchased within 90-days of UPS purchase
  • Extended warranties must be registered within 30-days of purchase
  • Extended warranties are non-transferable
  • End-users must provide proper packaging when shipping units for repair
  • Old batteries may be returned to Para using the existing packaging of the replacement batteries
  • Available for products installed in Singapore only