Communications are your lifeblood - power is essential
Communication is the key to success...

Without adequate power protection, an outage can not only cause damage to sensitive telecom equipment, but also open a window of opportunity for your competitors.


The first choice for Power Protection in Education

Educational institutions are not exempt from power-related problems. voltage spikes, power surges, brownouts, and blackouts have no conscience when, or where, they strike. Classrooms, labs, and administrative offices all are vulnerable and are guaranteed to be subjected to power problems throughout the year.


The Threats Facing Information Systems:

Expensive, mission-critical assets such as security, telephone, and network systems must have power protection by an uninterruptible power supply, (UPS), assuring that these institutional assets are always available to all faculty, personnel and students. Should a power surge, blackout, or other power-related event occur, a UPS provides both initial protection and battery backup power to ensure the internal infrastructure continues to operate without power interruption.

Power protection products are used in hundreds of educational institutions because administrators, IT managers, engineers, and consultants recognize quality and value. This value can be measured in two areas. First is the investment return of the UPS.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply will prevent the need for replacing hardware damaged by power surges, voltage spikes, or any other power-related problem as well as maintain productivity that can be lost when campuses are down with a system failure or during a blackout. Second, Minuteman offers feature-rich, high-quality power protection products including three-year product warranties for very reasonable prices.


Safety and security concerns are at the forefront for all educators. Power availability plays a major role in protecting students, faculty, and physical assets. Without a comprehensive power protection strategy, institutions are at high risk.