Tacoma RT

The Tacoma Series Double Conversion Online UPS, equipped with full time Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control technology, greatly reduces harmonic distortion in non-linear loads without manual intervention. DSP provides an improves design for the Tacoma, making it software controllable, adding some facilities such as remote configuration and monitoring.
Best protection for Rack Server Rooms, Networking Applications, Data Server Rooms, Telecom Servers, and Medical Server Applications.
  • 0.9 high output power factor
  • High efficiency mode (ECO)
  • DSP controlled for advance maintenance
  • Frequency converter mode
  • Input THDi<5% and Output THDi<2%
  • Output voltage regulation <1%
  • Fan speed controller based on UPS load
  • Extendable runtime feature
  • RS-232 and USB ports for power management software
  • Rotatable LCD Display for rack or tower
  • Combo AC input: input and bypass terminal (6 - 10KVA)
  • 1+1 Parallel for (6 - 10KVA)
  • SMNP card (optional)
  • EPO (Emergency Power Off)
  • PDU function for 6 - 10K