The PowerReactor 3 PLUS is a Double Conversion On-Line Sine wave Modular UPS system that has built-in automatic voltage regulation, power surge protection and lightning surge suppression. The UPS system provides critical equipment’s with continuous clean power supply when there is irregular voltage, brownouts or power failure. The PowerReactor3 PLUS is the state-of-the-art “Plug & Play” modular UPS system with High-availability (24x7) power protection for mission critical applications. The combination of Parallel-Redundant Architecture and Modularity give rise to the “Fault Tolerant” system, which mean any faulty modules can be hot swapped within 5 minutes without the use of special tools or a maintenance bypass
Data Centre or Critical Equipments requiring the highest reliability.
  • Modular: Custom-buildd your solution with 3KVA modules, up to 3000KVA to achieve fault tolerant solution
  • Parallel Redundant: PR3 PLUS is based on parallel redundant architecture, which is designed to continuously supply power, even if fault occurs in a module
  • Scalable: The scalability of PR3 PLUS protects your investment, ensuring your UPS can be easily upgraded in the future up to 3000KVA
  • Hot Swappable: PR3 PLUS Power Modules can be easily replaced without turning the UPS off, providing uninterrupted protection during servicing or upgrading.
  • Flexible: Each PR3 PLUS Power Module is a fully-functioning UPS. Build to the exact solution you need. Upsize or downsize as your requirement change.
  • Smart Communication: The UPS readily communicates directly with a computer through the serial port. The software can monitor UPS remotely via built-in serial port.
  • Three-Phase Operation: Each 3KVA module is either three-phase input and single phase output or three-phase input and three-phase output.
  • High Reliability: In the PR3 PLUS, the greater the number of modules in a system, the higher the system reliability. Since the importance of mission-critical operations generally increases with the size of an installation, this feature of increasing redundancy with increasing capacity is invaluable.
  • Multi-Master Redundancy: Each PR3 PLUS module has its own dedicated controller, unlike other systems that attempt to provide redundancy through the use of multiple-power modules connected to one or two central controllers.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring of Operations: The LCD Module function is to monitor the UPS operation. The PR3 PLUS can also work with an optional software for remote monitoring of UPS operations.