The SmartNet Series UPS with true sinewave output is an effective solution for all critical application and motorized products need. It gives you added benefits with applications display for easy reading of all UPS functions along with power management software to put your mind at ease knowing that your equipment is fully protected.
Surveillance & Security Systems and Medical Applications
  • True sinewave UPS
  • Built-in smart charger (6 hours to 90% charged)
  • Charging ability at low input voltage (2 times more powerful than others)
  • Smart microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
  • Boost and buck AVR for Voltage stabilization
  • Off-mode auto charging
  • Cold start function (DC power on)
  • RJ11/45 internet & network protection
  • Built-in USB &RS232 communication port
  • Support external SMNP adapter for remote monitoring & control