Power Home

The Power Home UPS is a truly unique UPS that provides selectable voltage sensitivity modes for device compatibility. UPS from this series can be set in UPS Mode for sensitive electronics (computers) or Inverter mode for house holds appliances. This UPS offers a user selectable high current charging system of 10A or 20A design for long runtime solutions.
Computers, Consumer Electronics, Tvs, Home Appliances, Motorized Appliances, Copiers, portable AC, Refrigerators, Fans and etc.
  • Stable low frequency design for motorized appliances
  • Selectable input voltage range (UPS or Inverter mode) for a range of applications
  • Selectable 10A or 20A charging current system for larger batteries and extended runtime
  • Auto-restart while AC is recovering
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Generators compatible
  • Cold start dunction