Like usual UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply), the US9001 provides backup power during power outage situations to keep a computer system running. What distinguishes the US9001 from others is its completely modular design. The modules in the system run independently of each other to ensure that the system will not stop even when any one of the modules fails. This unique approach makes the US9001 inherently reliable. The US 9001 is not only fault-tolerant in operation but also field upgradable and hot swappable. It is the only power supply that can meet your present and future nees in mission critical applications. The capacity can be easily configured just by plugging into the cabinet the required number of modules in 1 KVA increments to the required capacity
Data Centre or Critical Equipment requiring the highest reliability.
  • Truly Modular: Custom-build your power solution accordingly to your system requirement
  • Flexibility: Build to the exact solution you need. Upsize or downsize as your requirement change
  • Parallel Redundant: Designed to continuously supply power, even if fault occurs in a module
  • Hot Swappable: Easily replaced without turning the UPS off, providing uninterrupted protection during servicing or upgrading
  • Scalable: Protects your investment, ensured your UPS can be easily upgraded in the future.
  • Smart communication: The software monitors and control the UPS remotely. It aslo provides unattended shutdown of system